30 1 / 2012

For a long time now I’ve been resisting a growing urge to announce publicly my thoughts on the situation in Syria. There are many reasons for this, but mostly I felt I didn’t really have the right to comment. I barely know Syria, its people, or its politics. So while my heart silently cried as blood began to poor through the streets of the old cities, I fixed myself up a smile and wrote only empty words about all things joyous and wonderful in a land thousands of miles away.

Recently, however, I read something that resonated strongly with the feelings that have been swirling around within me. It was written by a close friend of mine in Aleppo, and it is exactly what I’ve been wanting to express as I’ve watched the events of the past 10 months unfold in Syria. It’s not an argument for one side or the other, in fact its not political in any way. It’s a simple declaration of sorrow and longing for a country once full of hope. This is a message that I pray all Syrians can relate to, no matter which side of the fight they are on.

بدي احكي عن بلدي بالـ2011

بـ 2011 صار عنا بدل العلم علمين وصارو السوريين فريقين , صار عنا موالي و عنا معارض , صار عنا مندس و عنا شبيح , صار عني السني و العلوي , الدرزي والشيعي , عنا المسلم وعنا المسيحي , صرنا نخاف نعّيد لأن بالرصاص و الدم الطريق معّبد , صرنا نسافر من حلب للشام بالطيارة وصرنا نخاف من كل صغيرة و كبيرة بالحارة , ومندور حولينا اذا في حدا يواسينا لأني ببلدي صار في اكتر من 10000 سوري ش………هيد , وصار عنا المتطرف و العلماني وكل واحد بأفكاره متمسك و اناني , جامعاتنا و مدارسنا ماعادت للدراسة لأني صار كل واحد يستعملا ليفرض رأيه بالسياسة

بـ 2011 عرفنا شو بتعني كلمة حمد الله عالسلامة ,

بـ 2011 صار عنا جماعة منحبك و وجماعة الحرية وعنا الأخبارية و الدنيا و عنا الجزيرة و العربية , صار عنا خوف ,صار عنا الم وبعيد عن عينا الأمل , صرنا نفرق بين مظاهرة وبين مسيرة , صار عنا اسامي للأيام و عنا ناس بتسهر خايفة ع البلد و ناس برات الحدود عبتنام , وبعد 10000 شهيد اكيد صار عنا كتير من الأيتام , سورية صارت مقطعة وبالهوية مسطرة ..

باختصار صرنا فريقين بعدما كنا ايد وحدة .. وراحت على بلدي بلد الأمن و الخير !!!

I want to talk about what happened in my country during 2011. In 2011, instead of having one flag, we had two, as the Syrians became divided into groups. Suddenly we had infiltrators and thugs, we had Sunnis and Alawites, we had Druze and Shi’ites, we had Muslims and Christians. We are too scared to celebrate because of the bullets and the blood we’ll encounter on our path to the places of festivities. We’ve started traveling from Aleppo to Damascus in airplanes and we’ve started to fear everything, whether small or big, that happens in the streets. We look around to see if there is anyone to comfort us because in our country there is now more than 10,000 Syrian… martyrs. We now have the radical and the secular and everyone, when left to his own thoughts, has become stubborn and selfish. Our universities and our schools haven’t returned to teaching because now everyone is using these institutions to impose their own political opinions.

In 2011, we learned the true meaning of the words “7amdillah 3 salameh” [Thank God for your safe arrival.]

In 2011, we have a group that says “We love you [Bashar]! ” and a group that desires freedom and we have opposing news stations that support either one group or the other. We have started to fear, we have started to feel pain, and hope is now at a great distance from us. We have people who are sleepless, wracked with fear for the country, and those outside of the borders who sleep soundly. And after 10,000 martyrs, certainly we now have many orphans. Syria has become divided and now has a very controlled identity. In short, we are now groups whereas we were once united. And gone from my country is the dream of a nation filled with hope and goodness.

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